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Celebrating a Half-Century

20180813_161326-1Celebrating the big five-zero in ten short days. Some days I wonder where the time went, and some days I know exactly. I am grateful for the opportunity to be here, to become a quilter. I’m grateful for the struggles, and the joys. I’m grateful for those whose lives I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with, be influenced by, and influence. I’m grateful for those who I’ve struggled to get along with, we’ve learned much from each other.

I am still becoming a quilter, and learning what that means.

The deeply contemplative thinker wants write reams on what I’ve learned in these fifty years however I think I’ll dream a bit.

While the contemplating and dreaming happen I’m going to host a celebratory giveaway. Please comment on this post by midnight eastern on Sunday November 18th I’ll draw a couple of winners (US only due to shipping) and I’ll mail you either a postcard made by me or some of my favorite thread or a book.

Thank you for being part of my quilting life.





19 thoughts on “Celebrating a Half-Century”

  1. Turning 50 was supposed to be a milestone year…and now that I am gladly approaching 70 I realize that this whole trip is just that…a trip, to enjoy, learn from, reflect upon, and grow with. Enjoy the journey, with its ups and downs, and cherish your girlfriends. They really are the best! Quilting is such a great way to meet creative people and expand our own talents, keeping our creative juices flowing and our minds, both halves, churning out more ideas than we can possibly complete in one lifetime. Congrats! Jill in Calgary/Phoenix

  2. I think God gives us those struggles so that we will have a greater appreciation for the joys. May your birthday be extra special and extra happy. Fifty is just coming of age!!! 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday !!!… It’s just a number!! I celebrate this aging thing with joy…. and spread out the celebration for a long as I can. You only hit THAT number once….Make the next one even better.

  4. In my experience, when you are fifty you finally feel as if you can justifiably call yourself a true adult, for it takes about a half-century’s worth of life experience to attain true adulthood. Fortunately, It’s also at that exact same time that you come to the realization that it is super rewarding to look at life through the excited eyes of a child who is experiencing everything for the very first time. So there you have it — a time when you can combine the wisdom that comes with age with the excitement and wonder of childhood. Enjoy it, Teri. I know you’ve already got the excitement and wonder part down pat (in fact, you’re an expert!). Now combine the wisdom your age has granted you to achieve well-deserved success!
    Love always, E

  5. Happy Birthday Teri! 50…wow…you’re still a young ‘un. May your creativity grow and remember to have fun. I am convinced that as we progress many of us are compelled to share what we have learned. I look forward to seeing where you go from here with your creativity. Hugs.

  6. Happy Birthday! Welcome to the age of growth. I call it that because after I turned 50, I realized that some of the things I believed weren’t true and embraced those that were. I realized how much I value learning, that it keeps me going. The aging process isn’t easy for anyone, but I have learned that living your true self makes the rest of it tolerable. So go out and celebrate becoming you and know that you have a huge fan club cheering you on. xo

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