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It’s Social Media Official Peeps

Right over there I have a big, somewhat orderly tub, filled with line cards, caps, and a whole lot of work. On Saturday I announced on fb that I’m now an Independent Sales Rep for Northcott Fabrics, Banyan Batiks, and Figo. I’m just now bringing it here as I’ve been looking at the lines, building the emailing/calling lists and searching for new prospects.  Read at the end for a big project!

Creativity Renewed

Last night I was chatting with a friend who is a fabric designer, riffing on the story of a fabric line, talk about a creative moment. Building a story line around the fabric lends creativity to the whole process. And right now words are tumbling quickly, allowing me to edit something I’ve been hemming and hawing about for weeks. I knew it needed editing but was afraid to do the work. Because those words came out first I thought they needed to be there. And as I edit I’m finding that the work is stronger for it.

Hang with me here please. At Spring Market I offered to do work for another publication, which is something I haven’t been able to do while working for a magazine. This was in principle my own choice, however it was a good one because my designs might have, and my articles did appear in our pages. Because my work could appear there it was important for me to give other writers/designers the opportunity of the other publications. As happens when you work with a publication with a particular style your personal work becomes associated with that style, and in that I’m fine with it because I did a good job of assimilating that style. We were, as I’m seeing the overall quilting world do it’s thing, becoming what the eclectic style of quilting overall. I love that our Editor in Chief saw this and began moving in this direction. 

Now this quilter is free to embrace her eclectic style. What I’m enjoying deeply is the batiks that are coming out.Not that I wasn’t while I worked for the magazine, it that the work focused on a specific genre and I went with it. To that I’ve always loved SewBatik Bruce and Diane do an amazing job of having just what we as quilters, and garment sewists need for our work. Right now I’m using one of their backs on a quilt I’m working on. 

And then there was Fall Market. Oh Fall Market how I loved thee. Walking into the Windham/Anthology Booth I saw

Topography  by Anthology is one of my faves this season. When first gazing I thought someone took a purple cabbage, slapped paint on it, and pressed it to the fabric to get thhis gorgeous texture. I’m smitten. So so smitten. And because I’m so smitten I’m giving away a fat quarter bundle of this. Excited? So here’s what we’re going to do, tell me about your favorite holiday cookie, or cookie like yummy that you usually consume only in December. Due to mailing constraints this is US only (sorry!! it’s easier with books so stay tuned). I’ll draw a winner next Wednesday. 

I’m off to get started on this day making appointments with New Jersey shops for the rest of this week. Northcott is celebrating 10 years of Stonehenge, which dates it to about the time when I started working at my first quilt shop. This is one of those lines I’ve loved from the beginning and sold well. Shops I will be talking with you. Friends, particularly in NY and NJ please ask your shop to carry this line.  There are opportunities to win a trip to Stonehenge and England! 

Happy Stitching,


16 thoughts on “It’s Social Media Official Peeps”

  1. Millionaire Nuggets. That’s the December-only treat we had growing up. They are little cakelike gems with candied cherries and pecans in a rich batter. We knew the holidays had officially started on e Mom baked these. They are sonewhat tedious to make because you have to wash out the mini-muffin pans each time. And now, i would have to develop a GF version. But it might be worth it. Thanks for calling up a great memory!

  2. Gorgeous fabrics! I love Banyan batiks!! Congrats on your new job! My favorite December treat is my aunt’s tea cake cookie recipe. My grands and I make and decorate them every year. I have fun with my little cookie chefs!

  3. Congratulations Teri – what an exciting adventure for you! The Topography group is very exciting. I can see myself using that fabric line:-). My favorite cookie to make is Russian Tea Cakes at Christmas time. So delicious and buttery! Good luck on your job, I know it’s a great match for you!

  4. Good luck with this new adventure, Teri!
    Making & decorating spritz cookies with my mother was always fun. She was creative, but no baker. I got to eat the rejects.

  5. Whoo hoo! Congratulations on the new gig, Teri! The fabrics are gorgeous. Early in my marriage I found a recipe in a women’s magazine for Italian sesame seed crescents, like the Stella D’oro ones I grew up with. Perfect with coffee or tea. I make them almost every year; occasionally I leave them out of my cookie repertoire to make room for something else. The receipe makes about a zillion cookies!

  6. Only in December, for Christmas do I make Pizzelles with anise flavoring. It brings back childhood at my Italian Aunt’s house. I have to make them gluten free which makes them fussier, but oh the reward at the end! I would love to win this fat quarter bundle!

  7. Congratulations on the new job! My favorite cookie is Spritz. They can be trees or wreaths, but have to be green and have sprinkles of red or green sugar. My sister inherited the family cookie press, so I usually don’t have them until I see her.

  8. I just finished making Lebkuchen and Springerli using my grandmother’s recipe. She made Lebkuchen evrry year but we bought the Springerli.

  9. Oh! That topography is delicious! My favorite is a cookie I make but don’t actually eat! I’m told the ginger cookies with icing I make are fabulous. My favorite is the chocolate fudge my Mom makes and she always makes a little side pan for me without nuts.

  10. Married a German Dane 50 plus years ago,so, learned about lots of new foods since. Just made Pepperidge cookies this week. Crunchy, lemony, thumb size cookies. They take awhile, but worth it.

  11. Growing up, we always had sugar cookies with colored sugar on top. These are still my favorite cookies at Christmas.

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