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Happy Friday Peeps, Let’s do This

And then I posted, “I lost 5 pounds. Okay it was 5 pounds of paper that I put into recycle while looking for that thing I lost. But it was 5 pounds.

So I guess you know I lost something. This happening reminded me of that day when best laid plans get set aside to deal with things you’d rather not deal with like cleaning blue shampoo for the cats from the under sink cabinet when the bottle developed a leak and the one gallon container oozed all over the shelf. Ewwwwwwwww I spent the better part of the afternoon looking for it. While looking I gathered up paper that is destined for the recycle bin.  

The thing about this particular thing is that I wrote it down, in a safe place, where the certainty of remembering was at an all time high thus making the degree of difficulty of finding said thing, zero. But alas and alack said thing was not where I certainly remembered. So while I looked for said thing I managed to get rid of probably close to 5 pounds of paper. I can officially no longer get annoyed with my sweetie when he collects paper. Seriously. I probably have more than he does. Shocking! No seriously this is shocking. 

My friend Debby Brown is something of an organizational geek. Over the last several years she’s adopted the Bujo as her daily planner making it work for her. See her Bujo video above. Oddly enough the thing I thought I lost was supposed to be in one of my journals. Eh whatever. I’m working on making the Bujo work for me, knowing full well it’ll take some time to get into the groove of making it work for me. PS the Dot Journaling book was on sale so I have a copy now. Need to spend some time with the book. Speaking of books I’m participating in Jenny Lyon’s book tour, my date is December 10th so stay tuned.

With a little help the thing that was lost was found and I’m back in business, able to take some steps to complete a couple of projects, one for a friend. In copying Debby’s homework a few more times there will be quilting interspersed with some “I don’t really wanna but must do” a couple of things. Oh, and there will be some beef stew making. 

Don’t forget to check out that famous picture site for updates as I stitch.

Happy Quilting!


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