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Quilting, Creativity, Vulnerability, Good Friends

A beautiful side effect of traveling as a sales rep is that I’ve had the opportunity to spend some time with friends I don’t get to see often enough, friends who know me well. To have this time now is priceless.

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Every now and again there is an opportunity to feature other quilters, and their work. Quilters, as you know, are unique, and fascinating. It matters precious little to me whether the featured quilters are on the hobby or business side. We’re quilters, we’re different and bring something fun to the party. We each have a little something that makes our work our own. Even in a class where everyone is making/doing the same thing each quilt or project will in someway reflect the maker.

It’s been no deeply hidden secret that the last number of years have been a struggle both personally and professionally. I’m grateful for the support of friends who have helped me to stay in the quilting world, plodding along, doing what I can, when I can. Even when, out of necessity, I’m phoning the work in. I share this stuff because it’s important for us as quilters to know that our good moments, not so good moments, difficult moments, joyous moments, heart rending moments, this all is part of who we are. Our life experience, our likes, dislikes, effort, and courage are poured into our quilts, our art.

A while back a quilter, who I admire deeply, shared her struggle with creativity and making art. This resonated deeply, as if one quilter is struggling, there are more, so I invited her to share this. After emailing over a period of time we decided this particular feature should be set aside. This quilter is welcome to blog any day of the week on whatever topic she chooses. For privacy’s sake I’m withholding the name. Writing and sharing the struggle publicly is mine to do. Thankfully not everything is hard. Right now I’m enjoying the new work and the learning curve of being a sales rep for Northcott and Benartex. I delight in meeting the shop owners and showing them what we have to offer. But it’s more too, it’s about building relationships which isn’t anything new, this is different than selling sewing machines. I’m grateful to have two great product lines, and I’m grateful for the support of the sales managers.

I’ll do a travelogue/guild visit post later this week. I’ve also got a few blog posts coming up with C&T over the next few weeks. Then there’s writing and stitching and making and being. My creative juices are flowing. With that said I’m headed to my sewing room. See ya on insta.

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