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Happy Thirteenth Anniversary to…


TerifiCreations started at the dining room table in Americus, Georgia during my first year as a volunteer at Habitat for Humanity. Having easy access to paper, coloring pencils, a few well chosen stencils, a bit of a creative bent and a desire to give unique birthday cards and not a lot of cash made this endeavor a whoooole lot of fun. I’d always put “TerifiCreations” on the back of the cards, just like labeling a quilt. I still make cards occasionally these days, quilted for sure as they are a creative outlet in the midst of other business related to the creative side of what I do.

In 2006 I thought I’d invent tote bags, just like every other tote bag inventor. This took a bit of work and I had a bit of a following at a shop in NH. I still make bespoke totes however they’re for me carry around as they’re labor intensive between the quilting and the on the fly design.

inspired by Elizabeth Rosenberg

So in celebration of this anniversary I’m going to have a bit of a give away. I know I’m going to make a narwhal from one of the Funky Friends Factory patterns (I’ve got the pattern, now just need some time to stitch!), and some fabric (because who doesn’t love fabric. I’m working on a couple of other things to give as well. Because of my location and shipping costs, the giveaways are limited to the United States. For my international friends I’ll offer either a guest blog post or feature you as a quilter here on TerifiCreations.

THIS JUST IN! I’m giving away an Oliso Mini-Pro Iron! Check out this video with Michele Muska and Bill Locke. Thanks Oliso! This iron has all the necessary convenient features, adjustable heat, easy steam button, swivel cord, and a silicone base for travel and storage.

I’m also giving away a fat quarter tower of Jessica VanDenburg’s new line Juniper by Windham. See image below. What I love about this line are the fresh colors, clean vibe and the whimsy with which Jessica designs the lines. These will, without a doubt, make beautiful totes. That reminds me, I need to order some hardware from her.
PS I’m adding a Quilters Select Rotary Cutter to the giveaway list!
PS Oh look! I’m Batt Scooters!

For my international friends I’m going to interview you and feature you, and your quilts on the blog!

Due to some changes in timing and give away’s I’m leaving this post open until the end of June! Simply leave a comment telling me about your favorite meal ever. Details, leave details! Who were you with, what did you have, was this a special event, were you on an amazing trip? Was there candle light?

Happy Stitching,


12 thoughts on “Happy Thirteenth Anniversary to…”

  1. Such a great promt, I haven’t thought of this in years. My favorite meal is the only one I have a memory of that my family was all together for. It’s a bit fuzzy as I couldn’t have been more than 3 years old and I don’t remember many details apart from an image of my sister smiling, the fish shaped cake my mother had baked using one of her copper baking pans and a laugh of my dad. I hold onto the memory I have of us all together at the table as a family before they chose to bow out of each others and eventually mine, landing me in foster care. Congratulations on the anniversary, your work is stunning! ❤️

  2. My favorite meal was a couple of years ago when my husband and I attended “The Longest Table” lunch in our hometown, Tallahassee, Florida. The instructions were to separate from who you came with and sit down to eat with perfect strangers. Food from several different food trucks could be had for free. I had a bbq plate (delicious!) but the highlight wasn’t the food, it was getting to meet and know my neighbors!!

  3. My favorite meal was on a trip to Puerto Rico with my husband. We we wondering around and found this tiny Italian restaurant that you entered through an alley door and through the kitchen. Not fancy, but impeccable service from someone who really knew food and hospitality We let the waiter pick everything. We had Prosecco to start and then the most amazing gnocchi I’ve ever had with a butter sage sauce. It melted in your mouth like little clouds. I have never had anything like it again. We still talk about it. No one has ever duplicated it’s lightness and perfect texture. It was a beautiful and memorable evening and we strolled around town for hours afterwards. No kids, no dishes, beautiful beach weather and wonderful memories of the evening And congratulations on your anniversary!!!xoxo

  4. My favorite meal was 12 years ago in Paris, France. We were there with our 3 children, celebrating our 25th anniversary. We had just finished touring Sacre-Coure and we were looking for a place that was off the beaten path, in a nearby neighborhood. We wandered into this small, local restaurant, it had maybe 8 tables, barely any space to squeeze between them….very cozy. The owner spoke English and was so warm and inviting to join him, and his family, (his mother the hostess & assistant chef, his wife the waitress) into the warm and great smelling space. It was so small, you could see the kitchen through the doorway and he was cooking on a regular home stove – nothing big and fancy here, more like their lower level of their home maybe? The tables, chairs, dinnerware and even the silverware were unmatched and so “homey” feeling. The food was delicious, he made us a type of short ribs stew & roasted vegetables, each of our meals were similar but different, based on our likes/dislikes. We have since eaten and traveled all over but we all still talk abut this meal, how delicious it was, and how they made us feel like we were part of the family & neighborhood.

  5. I think my favorite meal was wayyyy back in high school, when we took a school band trip to NYC (which was a big deal for a group of kids from a small western NY town) and a group of us decided to go out for something different that we had never had and might not find at home. We wandered into a small family owned Greek restaurant and sat down to look at the menu. We read all the descriptions, wondered at what some of the things might be or taste like and when the waiter came we all courageously wimped out and ordered “the chicken.” The waiter asked if we were certain, and we all assured him we were. A few minutes later a kindly fatherly gentleman came out and asked us where we were from and why we had chosen his restaurant. We explained that we were here to try something new, but in the end, decided we just weren’t sure. So he said, well, then if you will let me, I am going to bring you some lamb to try– and I want you to try it if you will, and after that, if you don’t want it, I will bring you chicken. We agreed. Well, he came back with the most delicious lamb I’ve ever had. And after that he talked to each one of us on what we liked didn’t and brought us each a meal catered to our tastes (probably menu items that we would have not recognized on our own,) It was phenomenal! And we all thoroughly enjoyed everything, and the experience itself– especially the idea that someone would go out of his way to bring a new experience to a group of kids that he was likely never to see again for the sheer joy of watching us learn to appreciate good food and experience new things- and enjoy them together! I learned a lot that night and found a new courage as well, that is hard to express with mere words.

    Congratulations on your anniversary and your creative journey! You represent a lot of what I learned that night and I’m grateful not only to have found you, because you are very good at encouraging one to step outside of their comfort zone.

  6. My favorite meal ever was in a hospital. I have Lupus an on May 1st, 2000 I awoke to having permanent motor and sensory nerve damage to my hands and feet. I was in the hospital and couldn’t use my hands or walk. I was getting I’ve steroids and iv chemo to try to get it from getting worse. While I was there I had my 44th birthday on May 20th. My husband ca.e in with a dress and dressed me. He got permission to take me to the cafeteria for dinner. He brought a table cloth, vase, and roses. We sat there and he fed me my dinner. I will never forget the love he showed me. I don remember what we ate or if I had cake but it will always be the best dinner ever.

  7. My favorite meal was a few years ago. The dinning room light burned out as I set the table for dinner. Just as hubby finished cooking the kitchen light burned out. I was lighting candles in the dinning room. It was hubby and I. So much fun and laughter, I don’t even remember what we had for dinner. The laughter began when we went to change the lightbulbs but there were none! Candles in dinning room and in the kitchen. With work schedules we had several meals by candlelight.

  8. My favorite meal was in the hospital. Your probably saying, what??? It was a romantic dinner after the birth of our son. It was a celebration of now being a family. We had a candlelight dinner of lobster, asparagus, double baked potato, and a pudding cake for dessert. Many kisses, coo’s, and dreams of what the future had in store for us.

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