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A bit of a funny moment happened.

I received a “Happy Anniversary” from WordPress the other day for registering my blog with them thirteen years ago. It took me a few minutes in this just waking up and sipping coffee moment to remember that I’d been blogging for five months when I switched over from another blogging service. The confused look on my face when looking at the August versus January dates, though officially undocumented, was probably priceless.

So many of my friends have stopped blogging in that time for a variety of reasons. Personally I’ve had my ups and downs mostly based on how things in my every day life are going. It’s an on-going observation that when life gets really challenging I stop doing creative things, including regular writing. Right now the slow down has some personal overtones, some need to do undertones, all mixed in with a bit of “what on earth did I just do?” With that please help me welcome the Batt Scooter Family to TerifiCreations.

Mostly what I long to be is consistent in quilting and in blogging and in all the creative endeavors.

Over the weekend a friend visited so there was a trip to the Texas Quilt Museum, quilt shops complete with fabric & batting purchase, a walk around town, a visit to the Alamo, picking up a bed step to help a certain five-foot tall quilter get into bed at night, a bit of personal drama (hint I’m not always as patient as I need to be), and a trip to the local mini-golf place where my Sweetie and my friend tied for first place with the same score. We had such a great finish that led to some well earned popcorn before dinner.

This morning I’m going to be a guest on the Quilter on Fire podcast with Brandy Maslowski. I’ve listened to a few of her podcasts, she’s good. Really good. When you have a chance pop over and give a listen. As soon as I know the official drop date of the podcast I’ll let you know. Thanks to Michelle Muska of Oliso for making the connection.

Have a great day quilting friends.


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