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Weekend Miscellany

Last night for a period of time our internet service was out. Our service provider was not the only one effected by whatever happened. Oddly enough my mobile carrier was effected however I had service, which allowed me to get online and do some checking around. We do have the digital antenna so watching the baseball game, while rather disappointing, was possible.

My Sweetie and I listen to the radio (internet) whilst drifting off to sleep with the internet out this wasn’t possible. After laying in bed a few minutes I heard a rustling sound. I wanted to wake my Sweetie and up and ask, “did you hear that?!” Knowing full well the answer is, “no, I’m sleeping.” I do have experience with this. I’m craning my neck and trying to figure out if there is some sort of creature wandering around outside my bedroom. Crinkle. There it is again. Do I take the risk of getting out of bed and confirming that this creature exists. My Sweetie stirs in his sleep, rolling over in bed. Good grief, would you please stop that? I’m trying to listen here. Hours go by, minutes really but you know what I mean. There’s a bit of a breeze and I realize what I’m hearing is the shower curtain blowing in the breeze. Phew! No squirrel, bird, rodent, creature. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Joe Cunningham is one of the coolest quilters I’ve ever met in person. Taking a class with him is on my quilterly bucket list of things to do in life. Every now and again he posts Quilt Reports. Joe’s forty years of quilting experience comes through in nuggets of wisdom that are worthy of writing out and posting on the inspiration wall of any studio. This Quilt Report has a few good ones, on getting unstuck.

The business of getting unstuck in our work is often much simpler than we believe.
– Joe Cunningham

I’m honored to announce that in August 22 and 23, 2020 I will be presenting with the Colorado Quilting Council. The timing is perfect as my book will be out. I will share more about this as time goes on and will shortly post on my teaching schedule page, listing the lectures offered. They are having a Quilt-a-Fair in a couple of weeks, each of the speakers were invited to send a quilt or sample related to their topics, I sent one of my Impractical Color Wheel for you to see.

This week I’m visiting The Quilted Nest, getting ready to visit The Village Squares Quilters, The Quilt Bug, Pieceful Quilting, The Village Quilter, and on my list is Cultured Expressions. And remember to follow me here and here.

Oh and I’ve been having a bit of fun with some of the new Northcott lines. Check these out.

Okay peeps have a great quilty weekend!


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