A Post-Thanksgiving Post

Project number one done. Project number two and three in the works. Whew. I appreciate your patience while the other parts of my life demand my attention right now. There are books to review, shops to promote, and quilts to design.

Here’s a bit of a sneak peek of what I’ve been working on. This quilt will be in the May/June 2020 issue of Quiltmaker. It’s been one year since I’ve had a quilt in a magazine so this is really cool. The quilting took way longer than anticipated. Doesn’t it always? There was a little bit of time in the stare chair too. That’s the place where I’m looking at the quilt pondering what’s coming next. After all these years you’d think this is second nature. Nope. This quilt surprised me too. I can share sneak peeks prior to publication, so here’s the first. Is anyone surprised this is orange?

A couple of weeks ago I attended an event, snapping a photo of this flower. The colors remind me of the lilies my mother-in-love enjoyed so very much. You know the ones that are so very fragrant you can enjoy them from twenty feet away? Yeah those.

I’ll return shortly with more regular blogging. There are some exciting things happening in 2020. And yes I’m teasing a bit, as I’m excited, and honored to get to do these things.

Enjoy every moment of last minute stitching!


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