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Cover Reveal: Color, Thread, & Free-Motion Quilting

Learn to Stitch with Reckless Abandon

Keith Dommer alerted to to this being on Amazon for pre-purchase. Keith is so much part of this book. So of course the first thing I did was do a couple of social media posts.

While with Generation Q Magazine I loved doing cover reveal posts as what went on behind the scenes to get us to that moment took quite a long time. Books, like magazines take time, and there are many people working to complete the entire work. In so many ways Keith helped define my teaching style both in person, and online.

Right now little snippets of memories of the frustrations of learning to free-motion quilt are popping up in my head. Like the time I took a seam ripper to Twilight in the Bronx because one of the gals in my mini-group rightly said, “Teri you’re hiding your quilting.” Those words, the conversations with Keith and other quilters made an impact. You all are part of the writing of this book. Thank you.

A little while after I posted the pre-order link someone rightly said what about local shops, and the competition between the big online purchasing places, and the big box stores. Local brick and mortar shops are sooo important to me. As a quilter they are the places to learn, to teach, to prove, to grow and become. They are the places of gathering, and the places of community. While the presales on the big site are essential to the initial print order of the book, there is another way to purchase the book. Contact your local quilt shop and pre-order it directly from them. They can contact C&T and make the request for the book directly. This supports the shops, this supports the publisher, and in the long run it supports you.

Writing Color, Thread, and Free-Motion Quilting – Learn to Stitch with Reckless Abandon and finally being able to share this with you is an honor and a privilege. Thank you for being part of this quilting journey.


12 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: Color, Thread, & Free-Motion Quilting”

  1. terryknott – I enjoy the process of making a quilt from start to finish. It is fun to use a variety of fabric types from batik to Civil War reproductions--although not in the same project! I ALWAYS have more projects started than I finish these days and I'm trying to turn those works in progress into finished quilts.
    terryknott says:

    What a wonderful post! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! You did it! I look forward to reading it!

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