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Learn to Stitch with Reckless Abandon the day after tomorrow

Sharing her own insight and wisdom today is quilter and author Jenny K Lyon also known as the Quilt Skipper. We’ve been following each other on the blog rounds and friends on Facebook forever, and one afternoon walking down an aisle at Market we actually met each other, though I don’t believe there to be photographic evidence of such an event. So, did it really happen? Why yes! Jenny wrote Free-Motion Quilting From Ordinary to Extraordinary 3 Steps to Joyful Machine Stitching in 21 days with C&T Publishing, releasing in 2019. Like myself, Jenny quilts on a home sewing machine.

Dandelion postcard quilted by Jenny K Lyon

We both come at the free-motion skill set slightly different ways, and have different components that work for us. These techniques and styles add to the depth and richness of the machine quilting world. Sometimes what works for one person, doesn’t quite work for the next. And that is okay. We get to offer options and learn from one another, and you get to try the techniques each of us offers to see what works for you.

Head on over to Jenny’s blog [insert link] see what she has to say about the book and for an opportunity to win an e-book.

On this blog I’m giving away some Banyan Batiks, this are gorgeous and luscious, and one of Joen Wolfrom’s Ultimate 3-in-1 Color Tool.

It’s hot and humid here in Texas, so tell me your favorite treat to cool off.

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6 thoughts on “Learn to Stitch with Reckless Abandon the day after tomorrow”

  1. terryknott – I enjoy the process of making a quilt from start to finish. It is fun to use a variety of fabric types from batik to Civil War reproductions--although not in the same project! I ALWAYS have more projects started than I finish these days and I'm trying to turn those works in progress into finished quilts.
    terryknott says:

    My favorite way to cool off is up to my neck in the pool! Of course, with Covid the pool isn’t open. . .so another way to beat the heat is to enjoy the shade with a bit of breeze and your favorite cool beverage. . .for me, today it would be an iced Carmel macchiato!

    1. Hi Vivian, to enter to win either a copy of the e-book or the fabric I’m giving away all you need to do is comment on the post of the bloggers, or here.

  2. I also read the Quilt Skipper blog… and enjoyed the entry about the book. I also an a J Wolfram fan… Over here in KY, it is not quite as hot as Texas temperature-wise, but the humidity takes it up several notches!!! So for our favorite cool off is a homemade frappuccino… and a sit on the front porch or down by the pond with the fish jumping and the dragonflies dancing!

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