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2019 Word of the Year, and Goals

Don’t say this sky’s the limit when there are footsteps on the moon

This morning I woke up thinking about the goal’s I’d originally set for 2019. There were several specific goals that I’d really hoped to achieve. Hoped being the operative word. This led to thinking about goals I’ve had on/off over the last years, places where I thought I’d be, things I’d thought I’d do, places I thought I’d be.

Goals are good, giving us something to work towards.

Goals are the framework within which we grow, and become. That said goals are much more fluid. My own goals over the years have changed, been set aside, morphed, surprised me. I didn’t know I wanted to teach machine quilting, write about the quilting process, or work on a magazine. Yet, each one of these things have added to, deepened the understanding of quilting. There is so much more room to grow: a deeper understanding of how color works, a deeper understanding of how thread and needles and machine work together to form the stitches and ideas whirling around in my head.

Twenty twenty has within it goals including promoting Color, Thread, and Free-Motion Quilting well, serving my territory well, and a few quilts to make/complete. The book can be preordered at the Quilt Basket and Pins & Needles – call them – as new shops post it I’ll let you know. I’ve started a sample which will morph into either a full on quilt or a class sample. I’m thinking quilt, and class sample. But if it’s the class sample the bubbles will not be quite this tiny. This is a case where bigger is better to achieve a class goal. I will host a couple of blog tours promoting the book.

Those bubbles tho

There are other goals as well. I want to finish one, and make another competition quilt. The one I want to do is kind of involved and I need to wait for about half my thread stash to come back from C&T. It’ll come back home soon. I miss it. That’ll lead to reorganizing the thread drawers, because you know that needs to happen. Oh!

Big goal, organize the sewing and work spaces, write more blogs. I have interviews waiting for polishing and publishing.

Do you have goals? What are the steps you are taking to achieve that goal?

PS Mumbird3 you are the winner from the Word of the Year Blog post! I’ll contact you for your address shortly.

PS Carole Hoffman you are the winner from the Interview with Linda Nitzen Blog post. I’ll bring fabric for you on Friday.

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