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Upcoming Events & More

New Jersey Shop Hop April 24th – May 3rd
Pennington Quilt Works
The Quilted Nest
Mouse Creek Quilts
Early Girl Quilts
The Pin Cushion
The Village Quilter
The Pin Cushion
Cultured Expressions
Sew Jersey
Nine Shops
Ten Days
Sew Much Fun

Then there’s my book coming out July 25th. I’ve seen the sample pages, I get to see the entire book next week. It’s available for preorder here. You can also pre-purchase through your local quilt shop simply ask them to order it for you. A couple of my local shops have it available. Quilt Basket and Pins & Needles.

I’ll be posting more about Spring Quilt Market, Threads of Success, Fall Festival, Colorado, and more.

Sometimes when I don’t blog for a while it has to do with a lack of creativity or not being able to share what’s going on. This time it’s not a lack of creativity, it’s the whole not being able to share about the bit of life going on in the background. Then there’s the whole how do I take preorders for my own books. And the “hey let’s update the available classes to reflect the book coming out” and oh there’s something else I can hardly wait to share because I’m so excited that I *get* to do this. Twenty twenty is turning out to be an amazing year. I’m glad you’re along for the ride.

Happy Quilting,

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