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A Word of Encouragement

Over the last several days email after email, and social media announcement after social media announcement buzzed across my desk. Quilt related business after quilt related business making serious changes in an effort to keep their customers, and themselves well with this virulent virus going around. It is rough all the way around.

Let’s Support our Local Quilt Shops, designers, and teachers.

Many shops are offering curbside service or shipping, some with free shipping. Call ahead, place an internet order, sign up for an online class, purchase a pattern or accessories, notions. The shops are going to take a big hit in the next few weeks and still have overhead (rent, electricity, employees taking orders). Take your machine in for service. These shops are the places where we find our greatest sense of peace, they are our community hub, they are as I have often put it, our local pub where we gather. I have concerns that some of them will not make it through the next few weeks of being closed. The are, without a doubt, doing the right thing in reducing the opportunity for this virus to spread.

WE need them, they need us

The basis of our society is community although many of us would say consumer. I see the quilting world as a community. Yes there are the competitions quilting to be sure, and for our dollars, and then there are the competitions between persons that are somewhat uncharitable. Our entire quilting community is in need at the moment.

Besides the shopping we need:
Compassion – some in our quilting world are making life altering changes due to autoimmune diseases. This is especially heartrending as they are vital members of our community and our society. If you’re in need of some encouragement please visit here or here.
Care – who needs a phone call, a written letter, a social media outreach simply checking in on them. Let me know and I’ll schedule a chat or write you a letter.
Concern – who needs groceries delivered to their doorsteps, a pharmacy pick up, a bank run.

Quilt! Quilt! Quilt!

Quilting for others is the one thing I’d be doing right now if my machine were not packed up getting ready for this move. So, would you please quilt for me? Thanks.

Oh and this is a shameless plug: please contact your local quilt shop and order Color, Thread, and Free Motion Quilting Learn to Stitch With Reckless Abandon. Dates are available for late 2020 into 2021.

Happy Stitching,


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