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Connecting & Freeing Up


While perusing social media Debby Brown posted this link for ways to connect with one another while we are refraining from in-person contact. I knew about one of the ways for personal contact, the other two were new to me.

The Quilt Show is having a membership sale right now. I rejoined last night after Alex Anderson mentioned show 408 All About Neutrals on using neutrals as a color theme in our quilts. I remember watching the show when it first aired with a few things like the applique tips sticking out. This time, particularly with my own book coming out, I was fascinated with how Alex understands and uses color in her quilts. For her when a quilt needs a bit of a pick me up Alex heads toward red, she mentions Jean Wells using green, Paula Reid uses pink, Jane Davila uses lime green, Yvonne Porcella used red, I use something speaking frequently of purple and orange. While working on samples for the show Alex used white to give a bit of brightness and sparkle. In the same vein black or espresso would be used to give a quilt some depth and grounding.

Impractical Color Wheel to be featured in Color, Thread, and Free-Motion Quilting C&T July 25

As Alex and Ricky talked the reminder that color is relative came through loud and clear, and it’s one of the points I long to get across in the samples for the Color, Thread, and Free-Motion Quilting. In making a decision to use the same 30 spools of thread for the color for each impractical color wheel we really get to see how color changes depending on what it’s near.

Impractical Color Wheel to be featured in Color, Thread, and Free-Motion Quilting C&T July 25

My day got off to a weird start waking up earlier than expected and being tired a couple of hours later, it’s pushed things back in the day. When I went to my office the bulb in the lamp blew, fortunately I know where the bulbs are because I’m backing everything and they’re out. I am currently surrounded by boxes, and things, and a table full of paper. When I changed the bulb the room brightened up quite a bit. Clearly this needed a change. Sometimes making a change in our choice of thread, or a particular fabric will make a difference. While the photos are kind of out of focus as I zoomed in a lot, these are the same five shades/tones of orange, and they look very different. It’s so amazing.

Freeing Up

Freeing up space is a challenging thing to do. I guess it’s partly why my sewing room still needs a lot of attention in this packing up the house and moving business. I have a quilt to send to a friend and need to put some stuff in the box before heading off to the post office or fed ex to ship it. This frees up space in my head, and in my heart. And this space allows for a few kind of creativity.

How are you doing this week?

Happy Quilting,


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