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Color, Thread & Free-Motion Quilting


So y’all know life is weird, and when it’s really weird I get quiet. Welcome to 2020. In many ways this is a great year. My Sweetie and I are in TX, we’re together, our original house sale fell through about a month ago, Quilt Market went virtual, and Threads of Success is moved to 2021. Oh have I ever mentioned I have a book coming out? Good news, bad news who knows?

We have a new buyer and are hopeful this will move forward with a completed sale at the end. This has motivated Sweetie and I to go shopping for furniture. After twenty eight years married and twenty two years in one place our furniture was tired. Nope it was done! And if you know me At All unless it’s a quilt shop, shopping is not my thing. My Sweetie makes sure we eat so the grocery shopping is taken care of.

The other day he sent me a link to a store he drove by on his way to work. I made an appointment and went over to check things out. When I arrived the offer was made, as I had an appointment, for someone to spend some time with me. I really need to walk around by myself, see what they have, and what I like and what I don’t like. Part of the problem is I don’t have anywhere to place the items so “seeing” where it might go is a bit of a challenge.

You might be surprised to learn that the thing that caught my attention is the fabric display. Okay, you’re not really surprised because I’m a quilter and I have this thing for color, hullooooo. The display showed me the colors that are current, modern, and cool and by cool I mean temperature wise. There is very little warmth here, and orange and yellow, which are typically warm colors generating an excitement all their own, are cooler. Hmmm. How is this vibrant, color loving woman, going to brighten up her new Texas home? That’ll happen I assure you. I’m a quilter who loves color, I can figure that out.

Fast forward we shopped Ikea looking for, well, furniture and go with things. Same colors. Cool. Cool. Color. Color that left me longing for hot pink, lime green, chartreuse, nasturtium orange, cobalt.
Color comes in cycles driving what we wear, how we decorate our homes, and in some sense how we feel about our space. Homes that we’re looking at here, with some exceptions, are decorated in the cooler, neutral colors. I’m not looking for a return of the colors of the eighties, however, the grays are too cool. While they provide a background for pops of color I realized that white or gray fabric on furniture will show everything. While my guy and I are not particularly messy we do drink coffee, red wine (me) and enjoy orange sherbet now and again.

Neutrals are an important part of quilting, painting, crafting, art. This quilter wants and needs not neutrals. While I didn’t design the cover my my book I couldn’t love the color more. Slices of color, with color. The guest bedroom will have a quilt on the bed, one full of color. Our bedroom will eventually have a quilt that I see in my head on our bed, full of color. Oh how I wish I could describe what I see. I can see a rather large thread order in my future. And a quilt based on the color wheel.

Speaking of the book I’ve had a couple of fan girl moments this week with Jinny Beyer, and Joen Wolfrom that just made my week. The crew at Jinny Beyer listened to the Quilt & Tell Podcast then reached out to share When Alex & Jinny met in NY Beauty Happened. Then a digital copy of the book ended up in Joen Wolfrom’s hands, that email nearly knocked me off my chair in a really good way, I’ll share more of this in a later post.

Thank all of you for being with me on this journey.

Happy Quilting,


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