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Let the Tour Begin!

Before I get started on the post of the day I wanted to share with you:

Congratulations Tara!

On Saturday I posted:
Friends! Friends! It’s my Publication Day. Woot! Woot! If we were having an in-person party what would you bring?

The responses: champagne, chocolate, cake, cupcakes, thread, whoopie pies (Sweet Praxis!), flavored tootsies, chocolate martinis, flowers, coffee, homemade ice cream, Sharpies, Praline Carrot Cake, chocolate covered strawberries, oh the list went on and I am now in need of a bib.

This afternoon I’m going Live on TerifiCreations to chat about the book, and talk about each one of the bloggers joining me this week to celebrate the release of the book. And in this time of life being so weird I’m celebrating, blogging, and sharing almost every day through the middle of next week.

I am giving away fabric from Benartex, Northcott, Windham, Michael Miller, Banyan Batiks, Figo, and an Oliso Iron.

Each of the bloggers are listed below. I am posting each day and telling you a little bit about each of these creative people. At each blog there is an opportunity to win an e-book, so be sure to visit and comment as they post.

7/27 facebook live & C&T blog post
7/28 Melissa Thompson Maher Generation Q Magazine
7/29 Susan Emory
7/30 Jenny K Lyon
7/31 Teri Lucas
8/1 Paula Reid
8/3 Teresa Coates
8/4 Scott Hansen
8/5 Linda Pearl
8/6 Teri Lucas wrap up & Thank you!

Thank you all for sharing in this journey with me from Impractical Color Wheel to Color, Thread & Free-Motion Quilting Learn to Stitch with Reckless Abandon.

Happy Stitching,

1 thought on “Let the Tour Begin!”

  1. I was touched by George Sicliano and his wife years ago at the Quilters Gathering . I was teacher assisting and before Iknew it he had me seeing On his every expensive state of the art Brother sewing Machine .
    He gave the confidence to try verybtiny paper piecing.

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