Today’s Big News!

Here’s a link to the Instagram Live where Paula Reid and I shared some big news.

As of today I have officially taken over the sale of Batt Scooters. Head on over to the Shop page for all the info. From now until February 14, Valentines Day, I am offering free shipping.

Paula took me under her wing at my first teaching gig in Knoxville TN back in 2009 or 2010. This offered me, a newbie teacher to have someone to check in with, have breakfast with and offer some insight on best practices in the classroom. I know I had a lot to learn in those moments. Whew.

One of my favorite Paula Memories is below with Kim Niedzwiecki outside the ladies room at Fall Market. Kim is another of those people in the industry I look to for best practices.

My other favorite memory of Paula is one of her appearances on Simply Quilts with Alex Anderson where Alex asks her if she ever does any quilting by hand, and her response, “Oh Alex.”

I want to thank Paula for simply being a great friend, for answering texts, for being there. I want to thank her for entertaining the idea of my taking on the Batt Scooters. I wish you many more years of running, cooking for Dan & hours and hours and hours of quilting just for fun.

You are Viking Awesome.

Happy Quilting Friends,


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