Answering the Licorice Question and other weird facts

Wanna hear a weird fact? I don’t like licorice, but I do like anisette.

I love hand quilting, and can teach it, but I am not interested in hand quilting a quilt

I stopped drinking soda/pop for a really long time. Then started drinking again at my dad’s wake as part of a toast. Go Irish!

I can talk needles, thread and tension for an hour or more and consider myself a machine quilting technician rather than an artist.

I have wanderlust and want to stay home.

I love color, and still have so much to learn! My on-the-fly color class is my favorite to teach.

I enjoy patchwork but don’t like making quilts from scraps. (Note I give scraps away!)

I keep thinking I’m weird and not normal, but I’m finding out that I’m neither weird and I’m normal. I always wanted to be weird.

I am slightly ambidextrous. I’ve learned to rotary cut well enough to show left handed students how to cut well. And I draw – very messily – with my left hand so I can machine quilt better.

I’m a darned good quilter on a home sewing machine and a hot mess on a long arm but it’s so fun.

I grew up and lived in the northeast with all that winter has to offer. I dislike winter with a passion.

I’m going to quilt now. See ya later.

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