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Second Coffee

It’s time for Second Coffee and a chat. I like second coffee. It almost seems decadent in a way. I’ve had the wake me up coffee, now I’m having coffee just because it’s there. The beans are already ground, and the water is getting hot in my sunshine yellow teapot, because one uses the French Press for Second Coffee. At least this morning I’m using the French Press for Second Coffee. A moment of weirdness, I sometimes add raw honey to my coffee.

When I post this on the big social media channel I usually ask a question to start the conversation around this delightfully big table. So today’s question has much to do about nothing.

Licorice or no.

Have a very quilterly day,


6 thoughts on “Second Coffee”

  1. Ummm…no. Don’t eat sugar and even in my more decadent days, I’d go for Snickers over licorice

  2. No to black licorice. It used to be yes to strawberry Twizzlers. Did you know that Twizzlers have gluten in them? Since I’m gluten-free, it’s now a no. And my teapot is a sunny yellow, too.

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