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Spring Quilt Market Stuff that made me say Wow

Virtual Quilt Market is over, as of this moment Quilts, Inc is planning for Fall Market and Fall Festival to be in person events. I’m scheduled to teach at Fall Festival and I think at Fall Market and will be there for both. I live within easy driving distance so I can bring everything I can fit in the car with me.

One of my favorite things about this market was going into the Zoom rooms and chatting with friends and seeing what’s new. I’m waiting for images from a few companies of lines that inspired With that first up is Tracy Trevethen Designs. Tracy designs patterns for wool applique, and dyes wool for the patterns with 150 colors to choose from.

Pardon me the sunrise is calling. Be right back

I’m back. Did you miss me? It’s overcast and a little spitty this morning so while the sun is coming up the sky is blah.

Tracy is one of the designers I was working with to have her designs in the magazine and if I were in acquisitions she’d be on the front cover. Well, at least I’d recommend the front cover.

From Michael Miller Perk Up! Who doesn’t need a really good coffee line. I mean really. Coffee is life.

Graydations speaks to the shading and value of it all. As quilters we use color in it’s value, how much white or black, or black and white (gray) a color has. As we become familiar with this concept it’s easier to create the beautiful quilts we see in our heads. Lines like Graydations adds to our understanding of shades and tones and depth of color.

To the Moon and Back is a sweet gray/white/yellow line in flannel really caputres the simple beauty of a line well done giving all of us lots of options to make quilts and pillows and shirts, and headbands, and all the things.

Oh! there are new colors of Cotton Couture coming soon. As soon as I get the color card I’ll share the deliciousness of these colors.

Also Rob and I talked video equipment and he showed me what he’s got going on for doing his social media lives. It’s seriously not what I thought. I really appreciated the tips because I was wondering about a couple of things.

There are more lines, notions and a swag box I’ll be sharing over the next couple of weeks so stay tuned.

Happy Quilting,


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