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Y’all know Marcia Derse is one of my favorite fabric desingers. While attending Virtual Quilt Market a few weeks ago I popped into the Windham Booth to see what was new. I am still delighted to learn that Stephanie Prescott is now with Windham! I’m looking forward to Fall Market and hopefully Stephanie will have a presentation on merchandising in the store. Oh my goodness this is always a must attend, and when talking with shop owners I’d tell them this particular presentation is worth the price to go. Seriously, Stephanie packs so many ideas into that 25 minute session I’m not entirely sure she breathes. I swear she dreams in quilt speak.

And then she showed me Marica’s batik collection with Anthology.

I have some of her first line ever in my sewing room. Which is over there. I’m in the office this afternoon. I have something of a case of the Fridays, I need to quilt and I need to do some other stuff.

As I’ve mentioned in other posts as long as it happens I’ll be at Fall Market and Fall Festival. Hopefully by then I will have my first class and maybe even my second class with Creative Spark complete. The first is submitted, I need to do some pre-work and then get going on the work of this particular class. What I’ll be delighted to do with this one is, well, deep.
The second is still in my head but taking great shape and form and I almost want to do that one first. Almost.

I am working on at least one more post for Virtual Quilt Market, which requires a few emails first to get images of some cool product, so hang with me here.

I have a bit of life happening in the background so I’m a bit slower than I’d like to be with a lot of things right now.

Happy Quilting!


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