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Well, I was going to do a Countdown!

So here it is, The Quilter on Fire Podcast with Brandy Brandy has a YouTube channel that has a preview and a bit of behind the scenesness of it all. Oh My Goodness to say I’m excited it something of an understatement. Each interview I’ve done promoting Color, Thread & Free-Motion Quilting is different, as well it should be, because each quilter has different questions, and thoughts, and see/experience different things while reading.

For a wee bit of a preview check out our pre-podcast IGTV:

Just do you know there’s a giveaway that you get to sign up for. Also even though the photo on YouTube says grab a cup of tea and join me I think she secretly drinks coffee. She sent me a few quilts to share with you:

I think her quilts are really cool and she’s so vivacious. Thank you for taking the time to both read this post and head on over to give the podcast a listen.

Stitching with Reckless Abandon!


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