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I’m Quilting! I’m Quilting!

A long time ago in a far away place I pieced and quilted Split Complimenterity.

Quilters, as a general rule, explore the wonderful world of color in a variety of ways, sometimes with great intention desiring to understand how and why color works. In an of itself color is another language we learn with nuances and colloquialisms reflective of region, person, time period. We spend time seeking color that looks good on us and flatters our natural look.

When I made Split Complimenterity I’d just finished watching an episode of Simply Quilts with Joen Wolfrom as guest talking about color combinations and something simply resonated in this quilters’ brain. The handy dandy color wheel paired with the thirty fat quarters used to create the blocks, coupled with the input from the quilters at my local guild really helped make this the quilt it is.

I’ve had a deep desire to remake this quilt in a variety of ways from using thread to create the blocks, which is still a possibility, to the practice piece I’m working on now for an idea that I want to explore. I’m sharing part here with you in the video:

The beauty of trying new things is learning something new, having a new to me experience that can spark a whole exciting direction in the amazing world of quilting. Maybe I’ll finally make that ginormous quilt that makes it to the Big Quilt Show.


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And the great big bulletin board and idea wall

Have a Totally Fab Quilting Day


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  1. Silly me. I admire you so much I just assumed that the big quilt at the big show was a ‘been there, done that” for you. You certainly have the talent – go go go for it!

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