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A Shout Out to Alex Anderson

Oh goodness this is a throwback isn’t it. This is from 2008 from a Ricky Tims Quilt Super Seminar just north of Albany New York. I was super new to the wonder-filled world of professional quilting and Alex is beginning what I’ve enjoyed as a delightful adventure hosting The Quilt Show, and the whole development of Quilters Select products isn’t even in view on the horizon yet.In 2009 I would go tape for Quilting Arts TV as a direct result of making Twilight in the Bronx, and well, eventually write a book. What a wild ride this is!

This morning as I wrote a brief newsletter sharing some of what’s coming in the next few weeks, meaning I’m on hard deadlines for sharing new things with you, which has me all giddy. Bear with me here, I’m all excited and the thoughts are all racing to get from my brain to the fingertips and I need them to be coherent.

Alex and all other quilt teachers here’s your shout out for making all the big changes, learning new things and figuring out how to do all the things. There’s something exciting about taking on new things from creating and editing video, to making new quilts, writing new classes and learning to longarm quilt. It’s also a bit overwhelming. Friends take the time to learn new things. There is a moment when it’s super frustrating and really difficult and then it’s easier and then it’s part of what you do.


machine quilting.

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