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Thread of the Week


A few years ago I hosted a quilted block of the month and now I’ve started with the thread of the week or month depending on what’s going in my immediate world. As you know I love thread, how it holds things together and how it dances over the surface of a quilt. Sometimes thread dances with great grace drawing the eye where the quilters wishes to take you, and sometimes thread dances with leaden feet stopping us cold in an awkward, unsettling place.

I do love the word awkward, it’s even awkward to type.

Thread may stand out in full view making itself known in such a delightful way, or blend into the background with some great ease going unnoticed. Either way if thread weren’t there we would notice it’s absence in such a profound and deep way. Thread may also be storyline and/or conversation. Thread is an interconnectedness of people (stitch) and events, (stitch) and experiences, (stitch). Thread helps us develop our own uniqueness as quilters.

In October I’ll be working with Threads of Success offering the lecture, “On Writing.” Threads of Success is an opportunity for quilters who have a desire to work in the Quilting World and bring their own unique sensibilities and gifts to more and more quilters or you’ve been in the industry for a while and are in need of a reboot or refreshing your skills this is the place to get that foothold.

Oh! did I mention that I sponsored Quilter on Fire’s podcast with Alex Anderson? No? Brandy is a really good interviewer and Alex is, well, Alex.

I’m getting ready to teach in Nebraska, a first for me and I get to visit the ever delightful friend Lori Baker. You know her from the Quilt N Tell Podcast. I’m excited to spend some time with her and to spend time with the guild and teaching.

So as I tie all of these threads together to create part of this day…I am going to right the creative mess in my studio, listen to the an episode of Quilt N Tell and get ready for the weekend, which includes hanging more art around the house. Which is in part why I’m tidying up the studio.

Happy stitching friends!

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