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Sunday evening around 9:30 I had a date with my front porch to watch the lunar eclipse.

I do love the moon,
how the moon orbits the earth reflecting the light of the sun,
waxing and waning,
sometimes nearer the earth, sometimes seemingly far away
moving to and fro in sync with the tidal movement

The moon
pulls away
draws near
is eclipsed
is endlessly fascinating
is made of cheese
has a man in it

As I took images with both my video camera and my cell phone I wondered at the color of the moon. Knowing full well the moon didn’t actually change color, nor is it made of cheese. The moon appeared to change color as the earth and sun and moon all rotated in such a way that the moon appeared red. And from my vantage point on this big blue marble the moon appeared far away, so getting close images with the equipment to hand wasn’t as easy as I’d hoped. This one for some reason reminded me of a lunar eclipse in the spring of my senior year in high school. I sat in the driveway watching the event right in front of me.

Just a few weeks ago I ordered a yard of linen from SewBatik that now has me thinking that the moon is made of linen and is red and perhaps therein is the next quilt. I think stitched into it words like Journey, Cultivate, Change, Grow, Wax, Wane, Super and Eclipse. Now to find the right batting and backing and drawing the circle for the orb.

This week I’m in full on prep mode for company next week, so I’ll be scarce. Except when I go to the quilt museum or post from the quilt shops. I know we’re going to at least one dealer to look at sewing machines.

Have a fab day,


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