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A bit of a surprise and the International Quilt Museum

I’m still delighted to see Color, Thread & Free-Motion Quilting out there in the Quilting World and here’s the latest place two friends shared with me:

Visit Connecting Threads – this is a direct link to the book.

A Visit to the International Quilt Museum

After picking me up Lori offered a couple of options first we could go to the International Quilt Museum that afternoon, or head to her house and record the Quilt & Tell Podcast and go the Museum on Saturday. Since we went to the Museum on Saturday you know what we did on Wednesday, recorded the podcast!

Red & White: Infinite Variety March 2011

When the Rose family first exhibited the Red & White quilts collected by Joanna S Rose I visited the armory to see the quilts. Infinite variety is right, two colors, so many possibilities. The museum has displayed the quilts in a way that is unique and a nod to the designers of the original exhibit in the way the quilts are both functional and art. These are quilts that were used by the makers or those to whom the quilts were gifted and they are bold and striking and something of a testament to the skill, the prowess of the makers. These days we have templates, computer programs, rotary cutters, rulers and finer thread and appropriate needles to get both that accurate quarter of an inch seam allowance. I didn’t get any images these quilts.

I am sharing quilts from the exhibit throughout the next two weeks. Up first Aurora and Snake. Aurora as it has a decidedly “modern” feel complete with some quilting that makes my heart go pitter pat.

MJ Kinman Gemstones Exhibit

MJ will be giving a talk this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend! Saturday I fly to California to spend some time with the Flying Geese Quilters Guild. I’m excited to see Linda Nitzen, Kathy Ranabarger and all the quilters I get to spend some time with.

Happy Quilting

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