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Getting Ready for Quilt Festival

Under my needle right now is an Annabell Wrigley Color Wheel panel. I’m not sure where I saw this however I reached out to Windham and am quilting this for the National Sales manager. Quilters this is a great panel for practicing machine quilting as it’s 35 x 42, perfect size for a kids play quilt or wall hanging, and offers space to fiddle around with a variety of quilting motifs. You can choose to match color, go for the neighbors across the street or finesse the color and go for something brighter or deeper. I started with some Superior Twist purple and have just pulled the blue for another of the color wheels.

When I get back to quilting later this afternoon I’ll share a bit more on Instagram. I’m still working on rebuilding from losing @terilucas on Instagram. If you would please follow me on @terificreations Thank you

I’m also trying to drink a lot of water. Locally as I write it’s 80 degrees expecting to go up to around 105 by 4 pm. It doesn’t help that we’re in a drought right now, right now this means we can only water our lawns one day per week. I’m trying to keep the amount of laundry I’m doing, so some things are waiting.

I’m working on a new class on color that is something of a two parter. Part one is based on the On the Fly color class from Color, Thread & Free-Motion Quilting, in which customers would select a print then have a conversation about the colors in the print they like, and don’t like. Knowing both are essential.

The second part is choosing thread for the quilting. With this I went back to the focus fabric to choose a blue, using it for all the quilting for this particular block. For both parts a basic understanding of the color wheel comes is helpful. There are a myriad of ways of pulling color together then working on giving emphasis to, or downplaying a color. And given that we, as quilt makers are looking for the color value (relative light/dark) as much as we are the hue/color itself.

You can see below that the orange is clearly the dark in this grouping, that the blue takes on the function of a light, brighter than the yellow, that the yellow and lime are close to one another however the lime, in all of it’s beautiful subtlety, is the medium.

In and through this I’m getting ready to go to Quilt Festival in Salt Lake City. I’m working on kits for students, packing quilts, copies of Color, Thread & Free-Motion Quilting, and Batt Scooters. It’s also a good time to let you know that the 2023 calendar is open email me: terificreations at gmail dot com.

Happy Quilting!


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