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Oh my goodness this wasn’t easy

Way back on June 6th the saga of the cracked drawer unit made its internet debut under the title of <a href="http://&lt;!-- wp:paragraph --> <p></p> Cascade. After discovering this crack, and the terrible after effects on my sewing studio caused by the emptying out of it all over the sewing studio floor into bins to… Continue reading Oh my goodness this wasn’t easy

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Work Avoidance Techniques

I am in the throes of once again moving fabric, books, shelving units and tables in the sewing room to make it easier to film classes. It will, if all goes well, make it easier to get into the sewing room itself, but is still giving me doubts about the closet. WE shall see won't… Continue reading Work Avoidance Techniques

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A bit of a funny moment happened. I received a "Happy Anniversary" from WordPress the other day for registering my blog with them thirteen years ago. It took me a few minutes in this just waking up and sipping coffee moment to remember that I'd been blogging for five months when I switched over from… Continue reading Blog-versary