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Quilt Festival Postlude

Before I get started on this day I would like to send you over to two podcasts. Quilter on Fire Episode 48 with Victoria Findlay Wolfe and Quilt N Tell Podcast Back to the Beginner Brain Episode 64. I have thoughts on both podcasts and how they are related to one another. There are more… Continue reading Quilt Festival Postlude

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The Weight of Color

*Note: I started this post a couple of days ago, realized I needed to go to bed because getting some sleep is important. This morning I taught The Weight of Color, a new class for International Quilt Festival: Begin exploring the weight of color in free-motion quilting. Using color pens and pencils, fill in the… Continue reading The Weight of Color

Color Thread & Free-Motion Quilting Learn to Stitch with Reckless Abandon, Color Thread and Free-Motion Quilting, HandiQuilter, International Quilt Festival, quilt shows, quilting, Teri Lucas, terificreations

Live From Houston! Life is good. I am short. This is awesome sauce. Right before this moment I was kind of goofy dancing in that middle aisle between my students. This will most likely be the only picture not because I have no desire to take pictures of my students and their work but because my students… Continue reading Live From Houston!

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Quilt Market & Festival

I offered to help setting up in the RNK/Quilters Select Booth, getting to meet some of my new co-workers. This has been so much good. I ran into Alex & John Anderson. As you probably know Alex has a line of product with RNK called Quilters Select. Even before I joined the company I started… Continue reading Quilt Market & Festival