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I’m out of Practice

One thing I share with students, if after taking my class you decide that paying someone to quilt your quilts is the way to go, then I will have done my job well. While this seems an odd way to begin a blog post there is some big truth here as where we find a “no” is as important as where we find a “yes.” Honoring the “no” is as important as honoring the “yes” as they give us important information.

Split Complimenterity Inspired by Joen Wolfrom, the color wheel and the split compliment

Split Complimenterity explains it all beginning with a fat quarter tower of Fossil Ferns, designed by Patricia Campbell and my very first color wheel purchased after watching an episode of Simply Quilts where Joen explains the color wheel, shows us the Ultimate 3-in-1 Color Tool (first version?) and a desire to explore a color scheme.

Process part 1: pick a fat quarter, find the split color compliment on the wheel, or as I prefer to say it the neighbor across the streets next door neighbors, find the related fat quarters to pair up, decide where the colors would go in the block, cut and piece. This is not without some stress as I’m still a newish quilter and I wanted this “just right.”

Process part 2: bring the center part of the top to my quilt guild meeting for some assistance with finishing the quilt. At first this was to have a wide, wide border of an orange print that brought me great joy. Thankfully Renee and Maryann intervened offering both the “phoning in” component and the “this quilt is worthy of more” and you can use up some of these already cut squares.

Process part three: quilt on home sewing machine. Note stitching on-point blocks in the ditch is so satisfying. I used a variegated thread and would probably quilt differently now. I’ve thought about adding some quilting over the years however, eh I have other work to do and this offers a good story. I love stories. Stories of quilts tell us the stories of the person behind the quilt.

Process part four: often when I teach I remind my students that we are still able to become and to learn who we are as a quilt maker, as a person. I do love all the things that make quilt making easier, streamlined and accessible for us. I also love the place of frustration and difficulty and struggle for it is in that place we discover more of who we are as a quilt maker; it is in this place we find that way that works for us, where our greatest passion for quilting. In this conversation is this truth there is a distinct difference between what I teach and what I do. I cannot do what I do without the foundation of what I teach!

Process part five: letting go of “supposed to” this is so hard in so many facets of being.

Lenny or By the River

And conversely I must do what I do in order to teach for in this place are all the reminders that needles, thread, tension, speed and body position have everything to do with free-motion machine quilting. And color. Oh color how I love pursuing thee with reckless abandon.

To the title I do feel out of practice. Behind the scenes here is a bit of a personal struggle that is slowly resolving. Reminders are coming, practice is coming. Join me along the way.

Happy Quilting,


4 thoughts on “I’m out of Practice”

  1. In the end, it will work out the way it is supposed to which might not be the how you think it will work. God always has our back! Hang in there. I’m glad to see your post as I missed you!

  2. First off, your description of Split complementary “neighbors” — love it!
    Second, what ever you are working towards, Relax into it and let it take you where you need to go.

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