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The Adventures of Brownwyn E

Brownwyn is off on one of her adventures, and is taking over the blog while traveling. She’s asked me not to reveal where she’s going at this moment, mentioning this is something of a surprise and she likes to surprise quilterly friends.

When I brought her to the magical transportation outlet, also known as the mailbox, Brownwyn asked, “why, oh why do you leave me in the dark?!”
“Brownwyn” I said, “I don’t really have a lot of choices when sending you off on these adventures.”
“You could drop me off at the post office. And while you’re at it please stop muttering about the price of a gallon of gas! Oof, enough.”
“Well, we’ll see. I’m an old lady now and going into town for one thing seems silly to me.”

Brownwyn enjoy your trip and I can hardly wait to hear more about your adventure.

Happy Quilting,


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