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The Adventures of Brownwyn E part 2

To say I was eager to jump into the hands of the mail delivery person would be an understatement. The first time I traveled it was freezing cold. This time the temps like a beautiful spring evening, you know where you might need a light sweater. We didn’t head right for the post office this time, we drove a bit around town stopping at other mail boxes dropping off and picking up. This one envelope, a birthday card for a four year old, was so excited she nearly papered herself. This particularly four year old had a lot of energy and loves birthdays, and thinks every day should be a birthday. It is four year old. It is.

The sorting machine put me on a truck heading toward Tennessee this time. Home of Elvis, and I’ve heard the airport smells like really good barbeque. Oh Teri is trying to think of the best barbeque she’s ever had. She told me about the worst barbeque she’s ever made. Hint: if you’re going to put giant pork butts in the oven, don’t let them touch, because they won’t cook. They just won’t cook well and will end up tough. And then you get really annoyed because pork butt cooked low and slow should be amazing. This, this is not.

I met this group of catalogs heading to everyone in three different cities. They were whooping it up planning a party. Several of them were certain that they would bring great delight to crafters in and Oh did I mention one of them, no, three, are quilt catalogs! Oh my goodness they were absolutely giddy. They showed me a couple of really fun fabric lines by Windham, Timeless Treasures, Michael Miller, and Marcus that are featured. Oh My Goodness! I hope Teri sees these lines and decides to do some piecing. Did you know that Teri is a free-motion machine quilter?

Teri asked if I’d be willing to share the Instagram Quilt fest so here’s the latest post:

Have a fab day. Up tomorrow the fabulous trip to . . .


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