Oh my Friends!

Brownwyn here. The last few days have been so full with meeting new people and having new adventures that I have barely had time to breathe let alone write. Before sharing my adventures Teri is participating in the IG Quilt Fest. Follow the link over to TerifiCreations and join her in this bit of fun.

After Nashville I made a quick pitstop in Dayton OH, home of the Wright Brothers. Did you know that they made bicycles before they made airplanes and took flight in Kitty Hawk? Teri and her Sweetie visited the museum and a few other places in Dayton years ago. Any pictures she has were printed years ago and does she know where they are? No. No she doesn’t. I, however, met up with mail coming from this really ginormous quilt shop called Hancocks! How cool is that?! Do you remember getting catalogs? Teri remembers her favorite, the Value House, the big one that would come sometime before Thanksgiving that she and her sisters would pour over circling all the things they wanted for Christmas. Then her other favorite catalogs were Current because who doesn’t love stationary and pens, and paper, and pretty paper clips and pens. Did I mention pens? What is your favorite pen? Mine is a beautifully weighted refillable fountain pen. The fine line, the smooth flow when I’m writing. Oh good grief someone get me a bib, all this talk of pens and stationary. I’m going to show up in New York with drool stains on my shirt.

Oh one more Catalog before I must dash, Keepsake Quilting. Oh My Goodness. Now I need a bib for sure. Those pens and paper though. Oh dear me.

Anywho the next part of the trip should be really exciting! I’m going to Pittsburg!

Happy Quilting and Happy IG Quilt Fest


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