Just in From Brownwyn!

Oh my goodness Teri this has been a whirlygig of a week or so. Thank you for nudging me for an update.

Our next stop: Louiville KY the home of baseball bats, the Kentucky Derby, and bourbon. The Louisville Slugger is by far the best baseball bat ever. I wanted to do a factory tour but the po-po (post office truck drivers) wouldn’t let me out of the bag I was in, no matter how loudly I yelled, “I want to get out! I want to stop and see the sluggers!” Nope, nada, not happening.

I can’t believe Moon Over Manhattan Snuck in here!!

Somehow, please don’t ask me what happened. I think I got stuck to this big envelope and wasn’t noticed, not that I cared, mind you. I thought I was going to Columbus OH and ended up in this small town on the coast of the Lake Erie! Sandusky it’s called, the Roller Coast. Oh my goodness! Do you remember being here? The roller coasters aren’t open yet, something about March and winter and snow and the like. I was found by a nice lady who asked me if I was lost Brownwyn? Did she know me? Yes! She did. She told me I really needed to restart my trip to New York. So I did.

I’ve heard you actually named your favorite quilt on Instagram. I’m stunned that you did that Teri. What do the other quilts think about this? I hope they’ve all recovered from the shock of it all. Twilight is probably boasting about this all over the quilt world.

Oh and next time you talk to Tracy tell her I said hello and plan to visit with her sometime soon. Brandy too. Brandy is a hoot!

Boy do I have something to tell you about Pittsburg! That was the next stop and is going to take a while to explain. And uh, if you hear anything about me, I can explain.


Brownwyn E

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