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It’s Second Coffee at Debby Brown’s Studio

I am with Debby at her studio doing some piecing.

The last time Debby and I got to be in each other’s company was 2019. This is so good, so rejuvenating and so much fun and so needed. I am making one of her Cutie patterns and modifying the pattern as necessary for the pieced blocks. Yes I’m piecing. Someone else will quilt it. :=)

I’m leaving for Maine in the morning to visit with family and see a few friends.

In the meantime there are two quilts I’m ready to pass onto good homes.

If you are interested in purchasing either of these quilts, contact me for details.

In the meantime are you ready for Piecing Palooza? This should pop up with my code for a $20 savings.

I’m sharing on Instagram during this vacation time, including a quick vid on how fast I stitch when I’m piecing.

Happy Quilting,


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