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Virtual Book Tour: Just Wanna Trademark for Makers

Just Wanna Trademark for Makers: A Creative’s Legal Guide to Getting & Using Your Trademark

Elizabeth Townsend Gard and Sidne K Gard
C&T Publishing
208 Pages; 8.5” x 11”
Book $44.95
Digital Download/Ebook $35.99

There are books that I think we all need as quilt makers. And then there are books that I think all quilters who have a quilt related business MUST HAVE. Just Wanna Trademark for Makers is that MUST HAVE. The first few pages alone are worth the cost of the book. Elizabeth and Sidne have clarified both the process and the why we as makers might need a trademark or service mark. They go through the process step by step, providing good how-to information, check lists, and links to pages that will guide you through the creating this clear identifier and protecting your product.

As of this publication there are a few costs for applying for and securing a trademark, the first is with the USPTO, $250 (which is not a whole lot for protecting your work); graphic designer – depends on their charges (there are some good ones out there who are not terribly expensive); and a lawyer – this can vary and will depend on your choice of using a lawyer or not, and how they charge. In the book Elizabeth and Sidne offer great options for securing a lawyer for doing this work. Quilters, pattern designers and notions designers, creating and using a trademark is something that would be well worth investing in as part of the cost of doing business that gives our business and work a level of protection that many of us have sought. Over

They go on to talk about the various types of trademarks: Common Law, State, Federal, and International and when/why to apply for Federal or International. The information is clear, easy to follow and necessary for us as makers. Just Wanna Trademark for Makers is a comprehensive tool for makers, working through the process of trademarking our work. If you are thinking on heading into the business side of quilting or making, get this. If you’re not and you would like good information on understanding trademarks and service marks this is a great resource.

I love when information that seems complicated is presented in a way that is thoughtfully explained in a way that makes the process approachable. Just Wanna Trademark for Makers is that book.

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