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Help a Quilter, or 100+ Out

And then after Tracy alerted me to this I found one of my patterns that I submitted to Quiltmaker by the seller referenced in Tracy’s post.

I designed a quilt.
Hours of work designing and getting the color to work for the quilt top.
Selected fabric for said quilt.
Cut said fabric up, pieced and quilted it while on the road working as a fabric rep.
Hours and hours of quilting.
Rotary blades, cutting mat, machine needles, thread, electricity. Time. Practice. Time.
Yes, the magazine company paid me to make this quilt. And one might give think that this person, selling PHOTOCOPIED pages from a magazine wouldn’t impact me.

it does

In a decade when we’ve watched magazine after magazine shutter. This is in part the “WHY”.

Tracy, the other editors, photographers, graphic designers, and many others have a part in curating, writing patterns, photographing, laying out pages. There are a lot of skilled hours that go into making magazines.

And yet there are quilters who believe this to be okay. legal even.

We can copy pages from a magazine for our own personal use. Depending on the book, and what the publisher permits, we can copy pages for our own, personal, use. We can not copy to sell.

Please quilt responsibly.


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  1. What makes people think they can do this? Ugh! Monserrat Forcadell had someone copy an image of her quilt “El Tubo” and claim that it was hers. I would like to think that quilters are more honest than that, but I guess they are not.

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