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The Book Report: Blog Style

UPDATE: Congratulations Barb Morgan, you are the winner of a copy of Judy’s Quilt As-you-Go ebook.

Quilt As-You-Go for Scrap Lovers
11 Fun Projects * Tips & Techniques * Color & Piecing Strategies
Judy Gauthier
C&T Publishing, 8.5” x 11”
114 pages
$29.95 softcover
$23.99 e-book

My first intro to quilt as you go happened when I took my first machine quilting class approximately 100 years ago. Now that I have the *slight* exaggeration out of the way, back in the late 90’s when Carol Brubaker taught us to cut the batting into long sections, baste that layer, quilt, whip stitch the next section, baste, quilt and repeat on the other side. Brilliant eh? Particularly when you are working on a home sewing machine. In the twenty something years since that class so many other techniques and styles have come on the scene. Each one offering a little something that will help quilters handle the weight of the quilt.

The first cool thing that Judy uses is a product by made by June Tailor called Sash-in-a-Dash. It is a relatively easy way of stitching the columns, or areas together. This is without a doubt clever and makes this process a whole lot easier.

I appreciate too how Judy uses one of my favorite tools, the color wheel to help quilters pull color together for their scrappy quilts. This gives the opportunity to sort scraps into various color, tints and shades (dark/light) to help us create the looks we’re going for. This is a time when sorting fabrics helps us understand how the color can work together.

I also love that she offers her opinion on using starch on fabric to keep bias in check. Judy doesn’t use starch, me either. The more important thing in working with bias is pinning and not stretching the fabric too much.

I appreciate too that Judy includes templates in the book for several of the projects. This is incredibly helpful in so many ways. These templates may serve two functions: 1 cutting the pattern pieces; 2 using this as a template for the quilting. I know right! This is cleverness, a little bit of thicker plastic and voila a quilting design marking template. Woohoo!

Also the quilts are clever. Just take a look at this one to the left. So many fabrics that work together to create a dynamic look. How many pinks and reds and oranges and yellows and the list goes on. Scrappy quilting is a great way to use those fabrics we LOVE and don’t quite know what to do with them.

Now for the fun part. I’m going to give away one copy of the e-book. This is fun right! Comment on this post and answer the question, “how do you take your coffee?” by Sunday November 26th and I’ll choose a winner to post on the 27th.

I’ll be recording a couple of new the Book Report episodes soon.

I appreciate your patience this fall. I’m in the middle of a couple of projects, one which I hope to show you sometime very soon because there are friends involved. The other I’ll talk about on A Quilters Heart.

Happy Quilting!


5 thoughts on “The Book Report: Blog Style”

  1. How do I take my coffee? two cups in the morning with one packet of Truvia and a little milk.

    This book sounds interesting. I’m not new to quilt-as-you-go but I always enjoy reading what others have found works best for them.

  2. I don’t do coffee, but I put cinnamon in my tea along with truvia and a little splash of milk.
    Have not done much quilt as you go, but interested in getting my scraps used up. I’m not getting any younger.

  3. I take my coffee with pumpkin spice creamer year around. Thank you for the opportunity to win the book.

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