Sometimes I wonder

just where on earth I found my sense of color. It’s a bit unusual, putting colors together that makes other quilters say “what on earth is she thinking?!” Well, I say that too occasionally however, I admire the courage and tenacity of quilters who make unusual color choices and they seem to just work well.

I was reading someones blog this morning, which is what got me started thinking about color. As the pictures were loading the file names were showing and the first word was “mums”. That sent me thinking about Thursday and how dh and I are going with a friend to pick up mums, visit a winery or two and have dinner. That’s when I realized where my color sense comes from the amazing colors of nature. Oh my goodness, in the world of mums the variety of colors just shouts “quilt” to me. Vibrant and muted yellows, oranges, purples, reds, oh my! Then there are the Allium lovely lavender orbs on willowy sticks of green, not just any green mind you a green that really suits the lavender, makes the lavender just pop!

Purple and orange are two of my favorite colors and it’s my goal someday to make a purple and orange quilt. Neat thing is, I’ve seen it work and work well. It works for one major reason – purple and orange are opposites on the color wheel, they compliment each other. How fun is that?! Lime green, chocolate brown, raspberry, avocado, teal just make me sigh deeply.

I do admire how fabric artists put color together when designing fabric. To anyone who designs fabric a heartfelt thank you for all of your effort and making the world just a bit brighter!

Happy quilting!


2 thoughts on “Sometimes I wonder”

  1. My favorite part of working at the quilt shop is helping folks pick out their fabric for projects. I’m often still surprised that the bolt I almost didn’t pull from the shelf is one that just makes everything else work… and my second favorite part is that after picking out the fabric – I don’t have to pay! All the fun and none of the payne! LOL

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