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Earlier this week dh, his mom and I went to visit her brother. There’s a quilt shop that has grown over the years and as it’s grown it’s moved closer to dh’s uncle. Quilting Possibilities is now located in Forked River in a former bank building. This place is amazing. The layout has been designed for whomever is at the front desk to see through just about the whole shop or as I described it to a friend – for the vertically challenged like myself. The sale room is roughly 8 x 10 and stacked with bolts of fabric, patterns and notions. WOW!!! I picked up some pink fabric to finish two quilts for the Village Squares Quilters and some of Alex Anderson’s Morning Garden Fabric which will be used to finish my NY Beauty quilt and maybe even back it? I don’t know, it’s really pretty fabric. For thread they have Madeira, YLI, Gutterman and Isacord. I purchased 5 spools of Isacord. The shop also has a room with batting and their long arm. I’m not sure if they have a person who long arms or if you can rent it. If you’re ever in the area this is a shop that is well worth a visit.

DH and I also celebrated our anniversary this week. Oh did we have fun. Dh found Mass near our friend Mary’s house that we were able to attend just prior to picking her up. The we drove out to pick up mums and visit a couple of local wineries. The place we picked up mums has 10″ pots 4 for $10, we picked up 8. Our friend picked up 2 larger baskets. It’s a good thing we have a station wagon. All 10 of those plants fit in the back without folding the seat down. For dinner we went to a place that serves buffalo. We’d both wanted to try buffalo for the longest time and just hadn’t been anywhere that serves it. So dh ordered the buffalo, I ordered the duck, raised locally and had a great dinner. I tasted dh’s buffalo meat, its sweet and rich.

Our Friday plans changed so dh decided to mow the lawn then we set about digging up the entire garden. We’d been talking about doing this sometime next month, but with the day being free. We dug up over 100 lily bulbs, about 30 hyacinths, 6 allium and a whole bunch of rocks and construction debris from when the house was built in the early 60’s. Once we were sure we had everything (well as sure as we could be) we moved a few other plants then figured out how much to replant and got started. That and 9 pots of mums and wow! The garden looks terrific this morning. I’m glad we didn’t wait either, yesterday was a perfect day for planting.

And at least the Yankees have the Wild Card.

Happy quilting!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great day. Can’t wait for you to get that camera and take some pics.

    Yankees Yuck.


  2. Cognratulations again on your anniversary. Sounds like you had a lot fun with your DH, and I bet your gardens are spectacular.

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