now to think about the quilting

The quilting on a quilt is as important as the fabric, blocks, placement and thread. The quilting is like the icing on a cake, not just for “decoration” it provides flavor. It adds that little something extra that makes the quilt a quilt. So choosing how a quilt will be quilted, what thread, batting and binding is essential.

Yesterday I finished my New York Beauty quilt top. This is the quilt I’m finishing as part of the challenge with my friend. I’m excited as it’s been on the design wall and in my head for several years now. After I challenged my friend the quilt came together rather quickly, all of the sudden the whole piece just made sense. I brought it into guild last night and one thing that was decided is that the binding will not show, the quilt will “float” as it is. I was thinking about making the quilt larger by adding borders, however the more I thought about that, the whole idea just didn’t sit right with me.

My friend Neen has a saying “your quilt, your rules” so one of my rules is that two of the corners are curved rather than being square. It’s different and I like it.

Now back to reality, I have laundry to fold and errands to run.

Happy quilting!

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  1. I sure can’t wait to see this quilt. I bet it is gorgeous! Hey when am I suppose to have my top d one by? I forgot already.

    Don’t you just love Neen’s sayings.


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