Quilts and more quilts

Baby Crackers

Here’s a photo of Baby Crackers being quilted. While I was in Lancaster last year I learned how to use typing or freezer paper to draw out the design I want on the paper, pin it to the quilt and then like paper piecing tear the paper away. It’s a bit more work, but the design then is a lot more consistent. Tearing the paper away can be a pain you know where.

Veterans Quilts

These are some of quilts from the Veterans Quilt Project. As a guild we donated 62 quilts. I quilted four of them. In the photo on the left I quilted the quilt on the left. Thankfully someone else took it home to bind it.

The room was just full of quilts everywhere. I have a ton more photos I’ll share more another day.

This is one of the quilts I quilted. My co-chair and I decided to make one together. She pieced the top and I quilted it. Four of the purple blocks have writing on it, thanking the vets for their service to our country. I have a feeling from conversations with the two ladies who came to receive the quilts that this will end up on the wall. That’s fine with me.

2 thoughts on “Quilts and more quilts”

  1. I just LOVE seeing a room FULL of quilts! Makes my heart swell to know some folks will be enjoying these gifts of love.

    Y’all did GREAT!

  2. Oh yeah, in the second pic- the quilt in the right corner.. what is that block name?
    I love that. It is cool the way it makes an arrow.
    And the fabric in the last pic would have been WONDERFUL to twirl!!! 🙂

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