Lent and Making Room

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I’m sitting here in what could be considered my jammies pondering life’s meaning, where I’ve been, how I got here and where I’m headed. Better yet, where I think I’m headed.

Although this might seem like a bit of navel gazing this time actually has a purpose and a focus. Lent. Lent begins in just 4 days. As Catholics we make a small sacrifice (or a big one) to make more room for God. I’m trying to do that. What will I sacrifice now to make room for God, for Faith and better living overall?

I’ve considered giving up coffee. Mmmn, not such a good idea. Not solely because I like it and am most likely addicted to the caffeine but the negative effects on those around me just aren’t good. I’ve also considered giving up chocolate (sweets). I really don’t eat a lot of sweets so it’s really not much of a sacrifice for me. And quite frankly, how does giving up chocolate get me closer to God in my relationship with Him? I’ve seriously considered giving up bread and pasta. This would be a huge sacrifice for me. I love bread, whole grain, high fiber yummy bread. OH, give me a loaf of bread and a tub of Smart Balance or some low-fat cheddar cheese and this is one happy girl, I could live on bread. I have bread at least once a day. Every time I see bread I could pray for the strength to get through Lent, for my family, my friends, and so much more. This would indeed bring me closer to God because it would only be by His grace and in His Mercy that I would be able to give up bread. This is seriously in the running.

I could give up morning tv and spend some time quietly reading and journaling. This wouldn’t be so much of a sacrifice as it would be a commitment to spending time with God in the quiet. This is what I’m missing. The quiet alone time with God. I used to go on a prayer day once a month with my co-workers. I looked forward to this time alone, the quiet, the conversations the beauty that came from these conversations and the renewed focus of purpose & ministry. DH, a friend and I have talked for nearly a year about doing this and this is as good a time as any.

So now I’m off to work on writing, work on preparing for Lent and renewing my own focus.


This photo is fabric for DarlaNY’s storm at sea block that I’ve been working on.

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