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Flat Alice is here! Flat Alice is here.

She arrived this afternoon via the substitute post guy. Welcome dear Flat Alice. I can not quite believe how tall she is (JB make a note that your child in real life is tall! oh and please do not remind me how short I am) I opened the very flat envelope and welcomed her here for her visit. She will be visiting until March 6th as I need to leave enough time for her to get home in time for school. Thankfully there are lots of things to do between now & then.

Tomorrow we will take dmil to therapy then Flat Alice and I will drive to Stew Leonards and get fish for our Friday night dinner. (I do have a back up plan in case the weather is awful). Then Tuesday we go to the quilt guild meeting. This will be a very busy day for us as we have to leave early. I need to chat with madame vice president and facility coordinator so we can determine the best plan for setting up the program in the afternoon. Flat Alice’s help will be greatly appreciated.

Oh, we have to go to the library tomorrow as well to drop off library books and pick up a book for Flat Alice to read while she’s here. We’re getting “Flat Stanley”.

On a completely different note I went to the bank yesterday. The only unusual thing about this is that I don’t go to the bank very frequently any more. When I was working I would go at least once a week. Unless of course I was on vacation then I wouldn’t go. And since I stopped working a couple of years ago there hasn’t been much of a need for me to go. Banking for most folks (like myself) is normally something that is rather mundane. Park the car, feed the meter, enter bank, stand on line, greet teller, do banking business, leave bank, get back in car, realize I put way too much money in the meter, pull away (after starting car of course) and go have coffee or get dinner or whatever.

This banking experience started like so many others. Pull up to bank, feed the meter, enter bank and then the whole experience changes. I’m about 15 feet behind a rather tall guy. He’s over 6′ so he’s tall. He’s walking to the roped off area to do his banking business when out of the corner of my eye a little blur goes by saying, “I’m at that window doing my banking, wait! I’m at that window doing my banking”. The little blur goes to one of the two teller windows that was open and stands there saying how she’s been there doing her banking. Tall guy and I look a bit befuddled but oh well, she’s there. She then says, “I was over there” pointing to the customer service stand in the back “talking to my friend”.

Tall guy is called to the window on the left of where little blur is standing. I’m not particularly paying attention because I’m looking in the banking envelope to see what I actually need to do (since I don’t normally do the banking anymore this makes sense so if I have to get quarters I can at least let the teller know what I need). So little blur is talking non stop to the teller. I finally get called up to the window on the left. Since I’m getting quarters I need to let the teller know how many to get so I’m standing there, while the teller is working on the other banking, trying to count the money. Trying being the operative word. I’m counting. Little blur is talking. I’m starting over. Little blur is talking. I’m starting over. Little blur is talking. I get through the counting finally. Little blur is still talking. I can’t figure out how the teller that little blur is working with is getting anything done. Why you might ask? Little blur is talking incessantly. Someone gave this little blur too much coffee just before she arrived.

Little blur was still talking ten miles per minute when I left. Whew.

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  1. Teri – Flat Alice is a little taller than the child. Flat Alice is a shadow, not a tracing, so don’t feel too bad! If I sent you a tracing of C, you would really feel bad – she’s up to my nose, and wearing size 6 1/2 ladies shoes! It was good to hear about the safe arrival of FA – take care!

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