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Interrupting my regularly scheduled post

For something really beautiful. Melanie's fabric will be here tomorrow. There are so many thoughts rattling around my brain to preface this however there is nothing better than the words of the original writer: We are the Adams Family and our daughter, Savannah, who is 13 y/o has epilepsy, cerebral palsy, autism and developmental delays.… Continue reading Interrupting my regularly scheduled post

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Star Quilt – progress

For right now this is being called "Star Quilt" but it doesn't resonate with me for some reason. I think I need to either be further along in the progress of the quilt, finished or some suggestions.  After I do some more work on the main body of the quilt I'll take suggestions. Below is… Continue reading Star Quilt – progress

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Flat Alice is here! Flat Alice is here.

She arrived this afternoon via the substitute post guy. Welcome dear Flat Alice. I can not quite believe how tall she is (JB make a note that your child in real life is tall! oh and please do not remind me how short I am) I opened the very flat envelope and welcomed her here… Continue reading Flat Alice is here! Flat Alice is here.