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Going to the Train Show Today

This morning I'm heading over to the train show with some family. It'll be the first time in a couple of years that I've been able to go. I love this show...not so much for the trains but for the incredible work that goes into creating these buildings and vignettes. And the flora in the… Continue reading Going to the Train Show Today

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“A Splash of Silver”

When the challenge committee presented "A Splash of Silver" we laughed out loud at their "Laurel & Hardy" type of banter.  They incorporated our 25th anniversary and our 10th show in a unique and fun way giving us a lot of latitude in making our challenge quilts.  The rules are simple: it must be quilted;… Continue reading “A Splash of Silver”

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the other night I had a kitchen mishap

Oh now before anyone gets all concerned and fussy over me. No I did not cut myself with any of the sharp knives we keep in the block or the cheap serrated knives we keep in the really good cheese grater. No, I had the kind of mishap that only happens when I'm in the… Continue reading the other night I had a kitchen mishap

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Childhood memory

Everyone has childhood memories that just crack them up. All I have to do is think about this particular memory and I start giggling. Partly because it's funny, partly because it's a "busy woman" thing and partly because it shows how children think. And quite frankly that can be quite funny. Back in the 70's… Continue reading Childhood memory

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Flat Alice is here! Flat Alice is here.

She arrived this afternoon via the substitute post guy. Welcome dear Flat Alice. I can not quite believe how tall she is (JB make a note that your child in real life is tall! oh and please do not remind me how short I am) I opened the very flat envelope and welcomed her here… Continue reading Flat Alice is here! Flat Alice is here.