Waking up early has its advantages

Here are a couple:

1) I get the first 2 mugs of steaming hot coffee. If the coffee’s been on for more than an hour it takes on a bitter taste and I won’t drink quite as much. That may or may not be a bad thing.

2) I get to watch the sun rise. Well it’s more the color changes in the sky out the window. The bedroom side of the house gets the actual sun rise, the office/sewing room gets the sun set. Either way the color changes can be quite amazing and awe inspiring. I remember the sun rising when I lived in Las Vegas, I was 5 at the time, this was beautiful and sad all in the same moment.

3) I get to peruse all the news and blogs and emails when most people are sleeping. When I send email out at this time of the morning inevitably someone will ask me why on earth I was up so early. It’s just one of those things. I can get out of bed early and still not get motivated until after 2 in the afternoon. Go figure.

4) I really like the quiet of the morning. No one’s up but me (and the circus Barnum & Bailey) so there’s no radio, no tv, not a lot of traffic outside so I can think. I can think when there’s noise but it’s so much easier when it’s quiet.

Happy Quilting!

3 thoughts on “Waking up early has its advantages”

  1. I share that coffee thing with you too. And the way the noise is distracting in the morning. I keep things quiet until DH wakes up and turns on that dratty noisy morning news program which drives me batty from the noise. It’s ok for everyone who likes it, but I prefer not to have it on personally. ‘Nuff said.
    Have a wonderful Sunday. I’m here with my blogs and my fresh hot coffee, in the quiet…what more do I need, right?

  2. First, thank you for commenting on my blog.

    I am just the opposite of you! I prefer to stay up late and enjoy the quiet of everyone sleeping. I am much more a night owl. You enjoy the sunrises and I’ll stick to the sunsets.

  3. I think Connie lives at my house…

    I feel exactly the same way in the morning and watch the colors change while my husband sleeps in a little. It is quiet, peaceful, calm. I feel like I am in a bubble before the race begins. Thanks for reminding me of how nice that is.

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