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I took Flat Alice out for coffee today

We had a great time. You read that right. She drank coffee and I have proof, wanna see?


Over on one wall Andy from Slave to the Grind painted this incredible mural…Alice just had to have her picture taken under the tree…


Flat Alice, her uncle, aunt & cousin posed on the couch this morningflat-alice-and-family.jpg

I had to get in on the fun, of course, one must always pose with company family-and-teri.jpg

Do you remember the t-shirt I mentioned in previous posts…

the one that my husband bought me at our favorite restaurant?

the one that I keep getting into cleaning trouble with?

Here it is:


cool huh?

It is my favorite t-shirt.

PS just about 14 more hours to get in on the tote drawing…


2 thoughts on “I took Flat Alice out for coffee today”

  1. What an awesome family reunion! I must say, FA looks in great shape! I guess you’re not running her too ragged, exposing her to dangerous toxins and then distant relations all in the same day! Have fun, but remember to send her home soon!

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