a little trip and more quilty fun

I can’t show you anything I’m working on…for two reasons 1) I haven’t taken any pictures!; and 2) part of what I’m working on is a guild challenge and that has to remain a secret until October 14th.

I’ll post the night of the 14th with pictures the guild challenge challenge quilt.  I’ll say this, it’s another learning quilt and I’m pleased with what I’ve been able to do with this.

Last Thursday Bob and I took off for the weekend heading to the Lancaster Co. area to visit with friends and celebrate our anniversary.  We stayed with MJ, who is a gracious hostess to say the least!  While we were with her we worked on a puzzle…it was a challenge to say the least.  We’d never done a puzzle like this before, the image is 3d, so a lot of care needed to be taken with the puzzle pieces to see where and how they fit.

We also went to the Brethren Disaster Relief Auction (major fundraiser for their charitable works) and saw this amazing hand quilted quilt.  Although I can’t quite see them here, there are several butterflies quilted into the quilt toward the outer edge.  This quilt caught my attention and drew us in to look at the rest of the quilts.

As we meandered through the rows of quilts I noticed the back of this quilt and recognized the name of the maker:

Here she is with her husband.  I know these folks from Maine, this quilt is charming in person and I can imagine the hours and hours she put in to make this quilt!

We also visited with JB and her family one day.  JB made a quilt this year with her dmil and her mom quilted it. Here’s the full quilt:

She really did a great job with color and it’s quite striking!  The border (angled piano keys with a triangle in the center to change the direction) on this quilt is something most beginners wouldn’t try and it’s perfect for this quilt.

JB quilted two of the blocks, doing a great job for a beginner.  I wish I could show you some of the amazing quilt detail on this, however the exquisite quilting melts right into the quilt.

As I stepped outside at JB’s I saw this lovely creature and had dh put her in a flower basket:

She (presumption on my part) fades right into the back ground here.

Of course I had to take a picture of JB’s begonia.  It’s just in my colors, bright yellows and oranges.  The begonia is in a hanging basket and is bright and full and gorgeous.  I think this will be inspriation for a quilt at some point, after I do the other quilts I have in mind.  I’d better get busy.

She also has huge, gigantic ferns.

Well that’s all for now.  I’ll be back with photos of what I’m working on once I get them.  I’m still in the sewing room most of the day and am getting some stuff accomplished.  There is still work for the Village Squares Quilters Quilt show to be done and a few other projects…

Happy quilting!

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